The needs of LGBTI seniors are becoming more prominent here in Australia and overseas. This is due in part to the “baby-boomer” generation reaching older age and expecting to receive culturally appropriate services. In addition to the issues confronting all older people, LGBTI seniors face particular issues related to their sexuality or gender identity, including:

  •   lack of family support in older age (especially those who have no children)


  •   stigma & discrimination from residents and clients of older people’s services


  •   stigma & discrimination and assumptions of heterosexuality from service providers


  •   age discrimination within the LGBTI community


  •   finding residential facilities that welcome their same sex partner


  •   dealing with the effects of life long stigma & discrimination


  •   lack of visibility of LGBTI people & culture in aged care services


QuAC’s Healthy Communities program runs two programs focussed on LGBTI ageing - Ageing in Diversity and the LGBTI Seniors Visiting Service.