HIV /STI Testing


Did you know that many new HIV infections occur because some gay men think they’re negative but aren’t? For some people, it can take years before HIV symptoms are noticeable, and not knowing your status puts your health at risk, as well as the health of people you love and have sex with.
Sure, the idea of testing can be off-putting but none of us can afford to get jaded. It’s critical we all start testing more regularly if we’re going to end HIV sooner rather than later.
If you test and find out you’re HIV positive you can get linked to the support you need. Talking to your doctor about starting treatment means you’re helping yourself, your partners and furthering your commitment to end HIV. That’s no small thing.
Testing Point @ Teneriffe

  •   HIV (including rapid testing) and STI testing
  •   Every Tuesday 6pm - 8pm
  •   Free! Bring your Medicare Card (bulk-billed)
  •   Qualified volunteer nurses and doctors
  •   30 Helen St Teneriffe

This service provides FREE (with Medicare Card) after hours peer based HIV/STI testing to the LGBTI community on Tuesday nights from 6-8pm at 30 Helen St Teneriffe.
Testing Point is run by volunteer nurses and volunteer private GPs. To attend the clinic you can just walk in on the Tuesday night (with your Medicare Card).