LGBTI Inclusivity Consultancy and Training


Are you an LGBTI inclusive organisation?

Are your policies inclusive of LGBTI services users?
Do your services meet the needs of LGBTI people?
Do you need advice to market your services to the LGBTI community?
Are you an ‘employer of choice’ for LGBTI employees?
Are your staff trained to work with the LGBTI community and LGBTI service users?

An LGBTI inclusive organisation:

* Invites community consultation and participation to inform the organisations policies, procedures and practice and engages in social responsibility with the LGBTI community

* Communicates its inclusivity through environment, resources, processes and marketing to both employees and clients

* Provides workforce development to raise awareness of LGBTI identities and issues for staff and clients and to create an LGBTI safe and inclusive workplace.

* Operates LGBTI inclusive practice at every level of interaction with LGBT people

* Embeds LGBTI inclusivity across all areas of policy and procedures

The Queensland AIDS Council’s Healthy Communities Program can support your organisation to be more inclusive of LGBTI people by offering consultancy, presentations and training.  

To discuss your inclusivity needs in further detail contact the Training and Development Coordinator at or call 3017 1777