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Many Genders, One Voice: Sex and Gender Diverse Health Action Group


Many Genders, One Voice is a sex and gender diverse health action group, that is hosted by Healthy Communities and is open to health service providers, volunteers, community members and other interested people.


·        Please email Evie Ryder if you would like to be involved.

Draft Terms of Reference - TBC next meeting.

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Find us on Facebook:!/groups/265686353467768/  is a new site. It is run by volunteers and sponsored by Many Genders, One Voice which is Healthy Communities Trans* Health Action Group
Our vision:

     to connect trans men in the Brisbane area - and hopefully Queensland and Northern New South Wales!
     create opportunity for social get togethers
     link up to facebook chat and other online peer support
     be visible and accessible to people seeking information, especially those exploring the idea of being trans/transitioning

Who is this site for?
Anyone who is seeking connection or information, anyone wishing to share with others from their own experience. We're not caught up in labels and who is or isn't trans enough. We acknowledge that the keywords used on here are ftm and trans, but please do not feel that you need to fit inside any particular box. This site welcomes people identifying as female to male, FTM, male, trans man, trans, transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, trans masculine, FT?, none of the above, all of the above, (insert your own term here)....get the picture?

We hope that you find the site useful. Your feedback is welcomed and we also look to make connections with the wider community. Please note that the people who run this site are not qualified health professionals. We simply wish to make the resources that are professionally run more visible and easy to find.



Queensland Transgender, Sister Girl and Gender Diverse Conference: Health and Well-Being Into the Future.

Community members and people providing transgender care will have the opportunity to meet and learn from each other at a ground breaking conference to be held on 24th-25th August 2012 at the Cairns Rydges Esplanade Resort.

The Transgender, Sister Girl and Gender Diverse Conference is “long overdue” says Dr Darren Russell of the Cairns Sexual Health Service.  “The need for better Trans health care is at an all time high.  This conference is a partnership between the community and medical profession so it’s an opportunity for clinicians to share and learn from each other, and to share and learn from the trans community”.


Amanda Dean, a community member and organiser for the conference said “the conference planning committee has gone to great lengths to ensure that the program and conference content respects the diversity of needs and issues that represent the different members of the transgender community. I am so excited to have this opportunity to help my community.”


Conference organising partners the Cairns Sexual Health Service, the HIV & HCV Education Projects of The University of Queensland and the Queensland Association of Healthy Communities will be taking registrations from the 27th of February via the conference website

Printable PDF Queensland Transgender, Sister Girl and Gender Diverse Conference Flyer

 Transgender Wellbeing Support Service in Queensland strategy paper

Stakeholders Forum

You are invited to attend a forum of interested stakeholders to discuss the recommendations of this recent report.

A community consultation was undertaken throughout late 2012 and early 2013 to ascertain the state of clinical and non clinical care and support available to                                          trans people in Queensland.

This forum gives you an opportunity to provide input and feedback on the findings and recommendations and to play a part in creating some impetus for change in this ever dynamic environment.

Wednesday 21st August 2013

QUAC (The Queensland AIDS Council)

30 Helen St


10:30 – 12 noon


Morning tea will be provided - No RSVP required

Regardless of whether you can attend this event, you are encouraged to give any feedback on email to 

The report is attached to the email you have received

We look forward to seeing you there

Dr Geoff Woolcock and Michelle Hildebrand

 Improving the Health & Well-being of Transgender Queenslanders

Transgender document


QuAC has produced a brief document outlining the health and well-being needs of transgender Queenslanders and suggesting actions to meet these needs, in the areas of:

  • accessing information
  • standards of care
  • real life experience/transitioning
  • surgery
  • social, practical & emotional support
  • other health issues
  • workforce development
  • legal issues

View the document here.

Research Opporunity  - Griffith University - "The Transsexual Experience"

I am a Clinical Psychologist. I live on the Gold Coast with my same sex partner of 22 years. I have my own private practice as a Clinical Psychologist and I am currently on scholarship doing my PhD at Griffith University. I am doing research into transsexuals and how they perceive society validates or invalidates the transsexual experience. I have a consultative committee of three transsexuals including Ms Georgina Beyer, the world renowned New Zealand transsexual minister of parliament, who assist me with my research in ensuring it is culturally sensitive and in assisting me locate participants.

The Transsexual population is a marginalised group that experience significant disadvantage within society. Many are discriminated against at work, and in social settings, ostracised from family and friends; underemployed; and are subjected to abuse and violence. Constructive, well designed, representative research can assist the transsexual community to have access to more culturally sensitive professional services that will benefit the community in the long-term. However, research into the transsexual population is still in its early years compared to other areas of psychological research. While there has been much written on transsexual issues and some research in the area, there is a lot more we can do to understand and assist the transsexual community and the broader community in understanding the transsexual experience.

What you will be asked to do?

If you agree to take part, you will be asked to fill in some questionnaires which will take about 60 minutes. I will also ask you if you will agree to take part in an optional interview which would take about 60 minutes. You may complete the questionnaires face-to-face or you have the option of completing them on line through a web site All participants will be eligible for a draw of 6 prizes of beauty packs each worth approximately $100 AUD.

Thank you for your interest in my research and for your generous time in participating. If you would like any more information please call me on my mobile: 0403194566 or go to the web

Ashley - Researcher:        
Ashley van Houten BA MSc (Psych) M Psych (Clinical)                                               Dr. Heather Green
Clinical Psychologist                                                                                                         Lecturer school of Psychology
Member of the Australian Psychological Association (MAPS)                                  Griffith University, Gold Coast
Member of the World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH).     Ph: (07) 55 52 9086
Registered Psychologist QLD & NSW.                                                                          Email:
Current PhD Candidate
School of Psychology
Griffith University, Gold Coast

Resources for trans people and health care providers

Supporting Sex and Gender Diverse (Trans) Clients - Providing respectful and inclusive services to transsexual, transgender, genderqueer and sistergirl clients.  This resource is designed to support service providers building rapport with transgender (trans) clients.

QC Questioning Gender is a resource designed to provide information and support to young people, 16 to 25 years, who are questioning their gender or supporting somone who is doing so. QG is produced by Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria in conjunction with the Trans Melbourne Gender Project. Go to to order a hard copy of the resource.

Transgender Expereinces - Information and Support. This resource provides information on being a trans person for trans people, their families and service proivders. Produced by NHS, Department of Health, UK, 2007.

A Guide for Young Trans People in the UK. This resource supports young people who identify as trans and provides tips on passing, coming out and starting transition. Produced by NHS, Department of Health in partnership with SCi:dentity, GALYIC and Gender Intelligence, UK 2007.

A Guide to Hormone Therapy for Trans People. This resource provides informaiton to trans people about hormones, the process of hormone therapy and its impacts on health. Produced by NHS, Department of Health, UK, 2007.

Guidance for GPs, other clicians and health professionals on the care of gender variant people. This resource provides an overview of care for trans people provided particularly by GPs and other health clinicians. This resource includes information on hormone therapy, assessment and diagnosis of gender identity disorder. Produced by NHS, Department of Health, UK, 2008.

The Harry Benjamin Standards of Care Version 6 (SOC) articulates the World Professional Association for Transgender Health Inc (WPATH) consensus on the psychiatric, psychological, medical and surgical management of gender identity disorders. The SOC are clinical guidelines which are intended to provide felxible directions to professionals seeking to provide treatment and assistance to persons with gender identity disorder. To order a hard copy of these guidelines go to

Bereavement: A guide for Transsexual, Transgender People and their Loved Ones. This resource provides support and advice upon the death of a trans person for both family and friends as well as coroners, pathologists, moruary staff and undertakers on the particular needs of trans people in the circumstances of death. Produced by NHS, Department of Health, UK, 2007.

Trans Research Reports

To Be Who I Am: Report of the inquiry into discrimination experienced by transgender people in New Zealand. Over 200 trans people took part in the inquiry highlighting their expereinces, the impacts and recommendations to reduce the discrimination the affects trans people's lives in New Zealand (NZ). This report was published by the NZ Human Rights Commission, 2008.

Tranznation: A report on the health and wellbeing of transgender people in Australia and New Zealand. This report compiles the findings of the 2007 online survey of 253 transgender people in Australian and New Zealand. The survey explored issues related to the utilisation of health services, hormone therapy, surgery, changing documentation and experiences of discrimination and stigma. The report has been compiled by Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria (GLHV) and the Australian Research Centre for Sex, Health and Society, Latrobe University.

Cultural Conceptions, Personal Paradoxes: Transgender Identity Development in the English Speaking West. Student thesis which examines transgendered people's identity development. It particularly examines how people negotiate prejudice and misunderstanding to develop a sense of identity. It has a discussion on Western constructions of sex and gender, a glossary of transgendered terms, and a large chapter on transgendered people's sense of self throughout their lifespan.


FTM QLD provides an online support network for trans men in Queensland.

FTM Australia provides information, support and contact to FTMs across Australia since 2001.

ATSAQ Transgender Support Association of Queensland, PO Box 212, New Farm Q 4005. 6am-6pm. Ph (07) 3843 5024

Changeling Aspects is a support organisation for all transgendered people, including transgender and transsexual.

The Seahorse Society of Queensland Inc is a self help organisation in Brisbane that provides mutual support for corssdressers and transgender people, their partners and families.

The Good Tranny Guide is a website that provides information on medical practitioners, Social Support groups, Transgender friendly businesses and legal services and advice for transgender people throughout Australia.

Trans-Health is an online magazine that provides information on health and fitness for transsexual and transgender people. This is a voluntary run website that invites transgender people to submit articles.